The progressive left has put the traditional family unit under assault unlike any other time in the history of our nation.  This cannot be tolerated any longer.  Not on my watch.

>>>I believe in defending life from conception until natural death and that life is a gift from God, to be protected in all circumstances.

>>>I believe in health freedom; that the government has no right to make healthcare decisions for you or your family.

>>>I believe parents are the ultimate authority of their children’s lives, including health care and education decisions.

>>>I believe in school choice and getting the federal government out of our education system.

>>>I believe in defending traditional marriage.

The continuing assaults on the family structure is leading to a decline in strong families. We must return to traditional values and what made this country great.


As a pro-liberty, limited government candidate, I will NEVER vote in favor of any new taxes or fees.

As a true conservative, I believe that taxes are overly burdensome to our citizens and business owners.

For that reason, when you elect me as your next state senator, you can count on me to oppose any new or increased taxes or fees.

I’ll replace those endless proposals to take more of your hard earned money and instead, will offer the solution of promoting free market principles.

More government is never the solution to our problems.

Spending / Sound Money

The people of Wyoming cannot truly be free while allowing decades of unsustainable spending to put us in debt. With Federal debt reaching historic levels every single month that goes by, the last thing we can afford is overspending at the state level.

I will oppose expansion of government programs and bureaucracies. I will encourage the return to a sound constitutional monetary policy.

America was founded upon the premise that personal liberty and economic liberty are intricately woven together.

As John Adams once stated:

“There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

Bill of Rights

I believe in defending the entire Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution plus the Wyoming Declaration of Rights and the Wyoming Constitution.

I do not believe in compromising or watering down our God-given rights of life, liberty and property.

Our inalienable rights of free speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms are under unprecedented assault, but I will protect and defend them and not give a single inch.

Honest Elections

I will actively support continued legislation in Wyoming that will ensure honest, fair and secure elections.

We can not let our elections be corrupted in any way and the public must believe that their vote counts.