Contact: Bob Ide (307)215-0742

Bob Ide launches campaign for Wyoming State Senate in District 29 Casper, Wyoming – Entrepreneur and businessman Bob Ide is running for Wyoming Senate as a Republican in SD29. The campaign and website were both launched today.

Voters who want to see his full platform and what he stands for can visit

Ide is running to be a champion of the Constitution in Wyoming and unseat incumbent Senator Perkins in the August 16th, 2022 Primary.

Ide said, “I will better serve the people of SD29 and Wyoming by taking a strong stand defending and protecting the founding principles that made this country the envy of the world…Life, Liberty and Property!”

His candidacy has caught the attention of former Republican Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, who has endorsed him in the August Primary.
Paul said, “You have not only been a successful businessman and entrepreneur, and very active in your community, but I know you stand for limited government, the Constitution and Liberty.

I am confident as an elected legislator, you will be effective in representing your constituents, looking out for all of Wyoming and doing all you can to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Wyoming.”

Ide lists his priorities as defending and protecting life, liberty, and property, while reducing the size of government to increase freedom for all.


About Bob Ide:
‘My name is Bob Ide and I’m running to protect Wyoming from the constant attacks on our Constitutional rights and stop the expansion of government to keep Wyoming a great place to live.” Now he is running for the Wyoming State Senate on a platform of priorities to defend and protect life, defend and protect liberty, and defend and protect property.